Japanese Spunk House

Got this after the party got busted by cops and the block was pretty much shut down.


Don’t you wish your girlfriend

Shit just got real

Venn Dieselgram

Facebook idiot of the day

I haven’t had sex in a month

It’s All Been A Pack Of Lies!

The girl and the bear, a short novel…

Inspirational Quotes: Quote of the day

This was on the back of a dump truck.

Best reaction to Nathan Fielder’s Experiment

Two Feet Deep In Cheerios

Oh, shit….OH, SHIT!

I couldn’t find my wife until I looked in her closet. I said, "What are you doing?"…she says, "I have nothing to wear".

My husband just let out a girlie scream. He thought my daughter's cosmetology assignment was a little Japanese girl rising up to kill him.


I made a helmet out of an old analog monitor

18 Photos Dog Owners Will Understand (18 Pics)