Quite possibly the greatest sport ever.

Luckiest car owner ever?

Friend posted this wedding pic. Didn't know he married a mythological beast.

If i ever get into a fight this guy better show up!

My friend’s birthday cake was awesome. Raspberry meth as standard.

Monsters U. + Monsters Inc. = one terrifying film.

Even jesus likes to save

TOAD RING ,Griffith Indiana

is someone gonna tell him? dont worry he’ll only do it once

As a kid, I never knew Rocko's dirty little secret!

Wil Wheaton and Sara Underwood

SIR! PLEASE do not touch the box!

Every time I’m hungry..

My boyfriend came home with this stupid tattoo

Medusa Cactus

Seems legit.

Oh Siri, you crack me up sometimes!

This guy is very anti-hoverhand

Growing up in a city, this is me every time I visit the zoo.

Especially for an indecisive person such as myself, this is how Netflix works

My friend got detained at airport security for packing this "hand grenade" in her suitcase.

My buddy forgot to set his e-brake when unloading his boat.

So this guy stole my friend's phone…

Just sayin……

Sounds about right

A friend of mine told her dad that she wanted an air conditioner for her room… he came back with this.