I Would Definitely Trip On Those Stairs

Man At The Door

Watching The Superbowl This Is The First Thing That Comes To My Mind

Clearest H20 in the world

You Never Ask That

I Am A Meerkat

Lola Rabbit From Space Jam Cosplay

In Memory

Every time I watch the SuperBowl, I can’t help but think of this

It Looks Like She’s Blowing The Team Away

You Know, That Area

I Don’t Get My Dog’s Logic

There’s A Reason He Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Its not going to suck

Was trying to take a photo of the cake I baked… until someone snuck up on me

The Pun Master

What Else Would You Call It?

Best Answer Ever

I’ve Got A Friend-Of-A-Friend

My friend modified his welding mask.

Traditional Bride in Kosovo

I Miss This Couple

Go For It

A Squirrel Imitating A Human

Public Bathroom’s Review

Some of my teaching colleagues thought I got the tone wrong when I made a sign to stop students annoying us at lunch. What does Reddit think?

Dude, What Have You Done To My People?

His Accessories Are A Lot Nicer

But They Wear Flip Flops

Guess We’re Gonna Need To Change The History Books

This sums up my life.

To all you guys, I raise you this