This Month’s Funniest Internet Galleries

Beans! Beans Everywhere! – Internet is an awesome place that seems to have a community for literally everything. Even for people who like to fill with beans stuff that usually is not filled with beans.

Hilariously Bad Tattoos of Celebrity Faces – These are so horrible that only one question pops into mind: “What the hell were they thinking?!”

Husky Who Raised by Cats Thinks He’s a Cat – Tally is not a regular dog. Tally’s owner adopted her when she was 2 years old. She grew up with several cats… and never realized that she is actually a dog.

Embarrassed Cats Are The Best Cats – Nothing is funnier than cats who’ve gotten themselves into predicaments and are sorely embarrassed about it. This gallery definitely proves it.

Mr. Bean Should Play Every Role In Hollywood – When one thinks of a rugged, versatile actor capable of elevating any role given to them, Mr. Bean naturally springs to mind…

The Saddest Funny Places On Google Maps – Damien Rudd is the 33-year-old Australian with the Instagram account titled “Sad Topographies”. Dan collects Google Maps screenshots of the world’s most depressing sounding places.

The Funniest Comebacks In History – Ready for some of the illest putdowns in history? Read on, because here are 31 of them.

Really Dumb People From Social Networks – Have are these people even still alive? How are they able to survive while being so stupid?

Kissing Couple Photobombs -There is nothing more awkward than being the third wheel to a couple that can’t keep their hands off each other. Hanging out at a party while your friends are making out just isn’t any fun… unless you find some way to entertain yourself.

Woman Gets a Maternity Photo Shoot With Her Thesis – Recently a 26-year-old grad student, Sarah Whelan Curtis, stole the spotlight online by doing a hilarious maternity photo shoot after finally “giving birth” to her thesis.

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