Party Animal

My prediction to North Korea declaring war on South Korea.

Not a calculator

No rice dicks.


So they tried to cut down a tree on my street….

I was walking around a surplus store near my home when I noticed this sign at the register

Girl comes in for an interview dressed like this…

How to win office wars…

Best invention in recent memory

So my pastor just posted this on Facebook.

Precious Moments in the DC subway

In response to HADOKEN-ing, I give you… Vadering.


Real men don’t make a second trip to get the groceries

Jumping off a plane doesn’t worry them, because dogs don’t perceive height difference the same way humans do

Thought they had the wrong time until I realized it had nothing to do with show.

The position of this girl's leg makes it look like she has bulging biceps.

Neon Blue Garter Snake

I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.

Co-workers getting creative on their lunch break

Gf said this in the car.

The fuck you looking at?

yet another twist in the gay marriage uproar…

Make it rain…